Lapasa Men’s 2-Pack Fleece Lined Thermal Shirt Long Sleeve Top (Medium, Black)


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Lapasa is probably the most customer oriented brand which provides comfort good
quality and high-tech apparel. We cooperate with sports, yoga and outdoor activity
communities, using our self-developed new technology and material to produce better
products with the world's best manufacturers.

Loft is the result of a low density weaves that ensures the fabric maintains its form and traps air.
  Our BRUSHED BACK FABRIC with good loft do an excellent job insulating you from heat lossand prevent the cold from seeping in.
They keep your body heated with minimal space and maximum flexibility - an important attribute for those who wanting to minimize bulk.

To stay warm, you have to stay dry. Our high-tech fabric achieve the ideal balance of moisture wicking and heat retention
that cotton and many other fabrics can't match. With less moisture comes less odour. No more worrying about smelling bad.

To avoid any skin irritations caused by the label, it can be easily torn off without any unpleasant consequences.

Extra elastic waistband for a more contoured fit that's slimming around the waist.

These are easy to care for and dry quickly. For best results, wash them inside out.
They are dryer-safe and maintain the original shape even if they are hung out to dry.


  • 90% POLYESTER 10% SPANDEX fabric made especially for cold conditions. Which keeps you away from chilled wet and clammy, wicking away moisture to keep you dry.
  • Unique Soft brushed back fabrication provides ultra-comfortable wear
  • Snug fit ensures no bunching around your waistline or sleeves and reduces heat loss.
  • COMFORT. Extremely soft, lightweight and absolutely non-bulky
  • Shrinkage controlled for lasting size and shape retention


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